While using the Jewish esoteric system of Kabbalah as a cipher, the material explored here is multi-cultural and across all religions. See the Introduction for more info.

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My book Oracle of the Phoenix contains a series of essays that tie-in Kabbalistic thought into my own unique experience as a key witness to the March 13, 1997 UFO event, The Phoenix Lights.  While it may seem heretical to combine the esoteric spiritual system of Kabbalah with UFOs, it actually is not new and has been pioneered by the scientist and Ufologist Jacques Valley who developed the Interdimensional hypothesis which ties in very well with the Kabbalistic construct of multiple dimensional levels and dynamics.  Vallee shares my view that the Miracle of Fatima fell right into this hypothesis with content given to the children the experience centered around that relates to the narrative I’ve constructed in the Phoenix Lights story.  In addition, film of the Fatima Light and film from the Phoenix Lights matched when Jim Dilettoso used the breakthrough technology of Light Spectrum Analysis.  None of the other lights in Phoenix matched, including the illumination flares that the government used to explain the sighting in later months and years.  For a much more detailed history on the Phoenix Lights please visit my friend and co-witness, Dr. Lynne Kitei’s site at www.thephoenixlights.net were she draws on a vast network of scientists, witnesses and documentation that supports the idea that this event falls within the 1% of real UFO sightings that just cannot adequately be explained away.